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Sonja Claassens

Sonja was born in Windhoek, Namibia (just like mum!) and her name means "Wisdom". Her family moved to the RSA when she was born and she grew up in Kimberley in the Northern-Cape.

She shares her parents' passion for worship and is a great bass player, but also plays the piano and leads worship (just like Dad!). Sonja would love to establish her very own Youth Worship Team and we trust that this vision will come to pass in the near future!

Sonja loves the Lord with all her heart! Her life is a reflection of God's love and compassion for His people. She wants to see people moving into their rightful position of abundance, joy and salvation in the Lord. Her passion to fulfil this vision conquers every battle that comes her way and the joy of the Lord is her strength!

"Lord Jesus, bless this beautiful daughter of Yours. Give her the desires of her heart and may she experience a daily increasing anointing on her life and ministry, amen!"

Francois (FC) van den Bergh

FC, born in Keetmanshoop (1990), Namibia also spent most of his years in Kimberley where he made his début as musician.

He's main instrument is drums which he plays very skilfully for the past 10 years. He also plays acoustic guitar and piano, but we are still working on the vocals!
FC went through some serious hardships in 2007/2008 and his testimony will be released on our website in due time. This will be an eye-opener to many teenagers out there. Many of us go through life totally careless, thinking that we are untouchable not knowing that the enemy is out there, the god of the darkness, waiting to destroy you! FC had a wake-up call and paid a dear price for bad decisions he made under pressure of wrong friends and his rebellious mindset at that time. However, today he is alive and well and he loves Jesus for what He has done for him!

"Jesus, thank you for a creative, talented young man of God! Bless FC from this moment on with the riches of Your majestic love and grace. Make him a strong tower of righteousness and may everyone sees the power of God manifested in his life, amen!"

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