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Ps. Francois
van den Bergh

Born in Pretoria, but lived almost most his life in Namibia, Francois and his wife, Rene, founded Crossroads Message in 1996 in Kimberley. Although he was raised in a traditional Christian home and society, that did not stop him from stumbling over the temptations of this world. However, he fell right into the saving arms of Jesus Christ and accepted Him as his only God and Saviour! The Lord called him for His work when Francois was attending a men's camp at Barkley West and he receive this wonderful scripture from a man of God:

2Timothy 2:4  
And as Christ's soldier, do not let yourself become tied up in the affairs of this life, for then you cannot satisfy the one who has enlisted
you in his army.

Francois van den Bergh

His passion to dedicate his life completely to the Lord's work on a full-time basis grew stronger and stronger. However, as a father of 2 young adults, there was always one huge fear factor... finances! It took a lot of PRAYER and FAITH to step out on the water and trust God completely, but it did eventually happen! After 11 years he and his wife got out of their comfort zones and step into the perfect will and calling of God. On this glorious spring day, Sept the 1st, 2007, Crossroads were taken into a new dimension. Though there were tough times, their faith grew stronger and their Father in Heaven poured out His blessings in abundance!

The only way to describe this mighty warrior is to say: "A brother of King David, a true worshipper with a passion to heal wounded warriors!"

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